The quality of the final product is the result of continuous quality control during the float production process, and this quality meets the highest demands of both sports and professional fishermen. Our product range currently includes 150 models of different shapes and weights, but this number is constantly increasing in the effort to follow all the new trends in the market.

What makes the Mfloats so quality?
  • Made exclusively from balsa wood (Ochroma pyramidale), so that the float bodies are always of the same shape (length and thickness)

  • For their multilayer impregnation, only the varnishes of renowned Italian manufacturers are used

  • Design has a significant role in the production process itself, and modeled on the reputation of the big world companies, for this segment we have formed a team of professionals who make sports and recreational fishermen

  • The team of people working in the float production every day is constantly improving in order to fulfill all the trends that the market demands

  • All materials used for float production have been carefully selected so that every detail of our product will meet our standards and the needs of demanding customers.